Latest Thoughts on Spackenkill High School reunion

What's a reunion anyhow?  What is a class? BTW I never learned to speak English.

We know what it is exactly by definition.  It means all the students in a particular year, grouped together basically by age or relative age of curriculum-achieved level. And the reunion is defined (after school years are done) as getting back together for an event, a party, usually one specific class, or a mixture of adjacent classes. 

can we have a little theme music 

But these days, where is everybody physically located?  Not in the Spackenkill area.  More so than ever in the past of United States history, people movie far away after graduation. Sometimes there are reunions still, but it is getting fewer and far between. 

In some cases, people are doing virtual reunions. Is that cool, is it hip, is it dope, is it the bomb?  Maybe we all should consider doing a mega-online virtual party for Spackenkill!

There is also the idea that people do not want to get together.  A large percentage of people move-on, they don't want to remember the past.  Oh really?  Yeah, I was like that.  It's all about forward-looking mindset, it's the future that is interesting, not the past. 

Well that habit of mine is all over with and the past is the future.  Paradoxically. 

I am writing my memoirs.  You and you and that other character are mentioned in there.  And what are memoirs?  In my opinion, it means you've lived enough life in order to look back fondly.  I have always wanted to write my memoirs, yet could never find the time to do the writing.  It is A LOT of writing! 

I remember so many things, not everything, that would be impossible. I remember the good with the bad, because I'm wiser now and it's all the same, it was all necessary experiences.  It was fateful.  So what was remembered about you?  If you are curious, let me know.  It is also going to be related with a biographical work.  That's a companion to the Memoirs. 

Why should I be writing Memoirs? Why not??  Is there something to hide? Is there something to forget?  I forgot what it was anyhow. 

But seriously, I remember very many experiences and adventures.  Good times with many various people, friends and family. Alright, it is a slice of American pie. Apple. 

That's the cover of an older Spackenkill yearbook which I dont think I ever owned.  But I do have a memory of it, having seen it in somebody else's possession. 

In closing tonight, who is included in my Memoirs?!  Good question! And can I actually write?  Am I a good enough writer?  Answer: No, who cares?!

The Who's who in Tasciotti Memoirs: in no particular order, not chronological, not ranked in favorite or popular or anything...

Mr. Subash Janji social studies; John Foroglou; Doug Ebersman; Adama Opitz; Stephen Fazio; Dan Byrnes; Tom Berkin; Mrs. Berkin stage theater; Keith Grimes; Jeff King; Evan Pilchik; Nadine Goldberg; Scott Richmond; Carolyn Ponte; Barbara Anderson; Becky Cesa; Sara Meehan; Phyllis Kimmel; Mr.Sanford; Marian Pompa; Buddy Close; Vic Civitillo; Marc Garman; Rob Spero; David Faivre; Sima Ghafghaichi; Jodie Lawhorne; Ed Charlebois; Mike Mooney; Gordon Riggs; Vulture Rob Gilmore; Peter Kania; Michael Kuhn; Daniel Barbash; Steve Breslow; Tania Paxton; Dave Lambert; Richard Odell; Thor Carey; Debbie Federman; Kevin Gold; Nicky Tsantos; Michelle Dimon; etc.

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